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Silicone Kitchenware Series

Silicone kitchen utensils have a very obvious feature of the scope of application that is not limited. Whether it is cold food or hot food, the need for microwave heating, or outdoor carrying, you can use portable high-temperature resistant silicone tableware. Silicone can withstand high temperatures of 200-500℃, especially since silicone itself is non-toxic and harmless. At the same time, silicone kitchenware is very creative, very in line with the current tableware aesthetic trend. As the professional silicone kitchenware manufacturer, Nice Rapid silicone tableware styles and colors are diverse, to meet the needs of young people for the use of kitchen utensils and collocation. Silicone tableware, silicone baking tool, silicone baking pan, silicone cake mold and other silicone kitchenware has the above characteristics, to gradually stand out from the traditional tableware.

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