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Silicone Bath Scrubber/Brush/Towel

With the continuous mention of modern home life quality, a lot of convenient tools have emerged. Their design is very clever to make up for some people's weaknesses. In the shower, for example, it's often difficult to rub your back and wash your hair. At this time, some auxiliary functions of the artifact emerged, such as silicone bath scrubber, silicone bath brush, silicone bath towel, etc. Why they can be widely loved by everyone? There are several reasons for this conclusion:


*Silicone material, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable to touch, not easy to scratch the skin.

*Can withstand temperature -40℃~230℃, not deformation, durable.

*Silicone product has good insulation that prevents the conduction of electricity.

*Good appearance design, easy to carry and store.

Beauty silicone rubber products are more and more commonly used in our daily necessities due to their soft characteristics, they can withstand temperatures -40℃~230℃, not deformation, durable. The silicone material is skin-friendly, has a large water absorption capacity, and is very suitable for using in cleaning face or baths. And its chemical properties are stable and have a long service life.


Silicone rubber injection molding and compression molding are the common manufacturing methods to create silicone rubber components. It has cost effective advantage in tooling and fast turnaround in cutting the tooling. Also, it is an effective method to do large or low-volume parts. Therefore, we are able to provide low-volume manufacturing for these components in the prototype stage. Moreover, we provide customized services from molds to products according to customers’ requirements. A professional team is built in our company to provide solutions for your personal projects to finish the final products.  

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