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Silicone Cushion Series

Nice Rapid is mainly engaged in the business of custom silicone seat cushion and other silicone cushion series. Custom silicone molding is a qualified product that meets the national quality standards, so that you can purchase and use with confidence. It is of good resistance to water, shock, corrosion, aging, and tear.

Use eco- friendly silicone raw material with non-toxic and odorous subtance to ensure safety and healthy. Silicone has strong toughness, wear resistance, tear resistance, high extrusion force, and is not easy to be torn and worn. No fading, aging resistance, long service life.


Also, it has the following advantages:


*Environmentally friendly silicone material, soft, comfortable for sedentary.

*Adding negative ion powder to the raw materials of the product can promote the user's blood circulation and purify the surrounding air.

*The non-slip surface layer creates good friction with the human body to prevent the cushion from shifting during exercise.

*Silicone airbags keep cold and warm, ventilate and prevent hemorrhoids.

*When it is dirty, you can wash it with clean water and detergent. The product does not absorb water, and it dries after washing. 

For silicone cushions, softness and comfortable are the main features. In recently years, silicone cushion has a wide application in cars seats, chairs sets and sofa due to the advantages of strong toughness, wear resistance, tear resistance, high extrusion force. Most of people like to use silicone cushions for their car sets because it can promote blood circulation throughout the body and relieve fatigue. Meanwhile, silicone caushion has good ventilation and can effectively dissipate heat in summer.

 As shown in the cover image, the cushions are made of environmentally friendly silicone materials by LSR injection molding technology, non-toxic and no harmful. The solid hollow out design, massage your hips in a progressive form while stimulating acupuncture points to relieve fatigue. Also,  silicone has good aging resistance and heat resistance (-40~+230℃), which has long services time. As for the shape and color of cushion, we provide customized services from silicone rubber mold to products according to your requirement. 

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