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Steven | Founder & CEO

NICE Rapid is founded by Steven Zhang in 2015 year. And Steven works as President and CEO of company. He has been at the forefront of rapid tooling and prototyping for over 15 years. Steven is a qualified project engineer with a vast and varied knowledge of injection moulding, primarily for the export market. He has worked for both Chinese and western companies as a process engineer, where he also learned the important nuances of undertaking business with ‘western’ companies and what is important to them when manufacturing in China.


Also, Steven is a hands-on engineer, with extensive knowledge of quick turn tooling and sheet metal and die-cast techniques and likes to personally review every order which is placed with his firm. This ensures strict quality control and also an important second set of eyes over each project, to ensure nothing is missed and projects are managed and allocated correctly.


Many companies in China are exceptional at engineering, but do not understand the importance of reliability and customer service when dealing with the western client. NICE Rapid comes into its own in this respect, with English speaking staff always on hand to deal.

Our Histroy

About NICE Rapid : Chinese Finest Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR) Specialists


Nice Rapid is an ISO9001: 2015 certified manufacturer for Liquid Silicone Rubber, which is founded by Steven Zhang. At Nice Rapid, our focus is on providing you with the finest service in Liquid Silicone Rubber and solutions. Our innternational team of technicians & enngineers are dedicated to making your custom parts using the most advannced equipment and techniques.


We’re here to turn your ideas into reality quickly, accurately and at a great price. Whether you require a one off part for fit and function, a small batch run for product performance testing and marketing or a full low-volume production, NICE has the solution for you.


Customer’s satisfaction is always at the heart of everything we do, that’s why we have been committed to providing customers with high quality products and good service, and always keep innovation. We hope that every customer who comes to our company can get the most satisfying service. So, feel free to contact us at any time for LSR solutions if you need!


Quality Assurance

Quality is the corporate identity and reputation. Only an excellent company can produce high-quality products. The benefit of an enterprise depends on quality, quality depends on technology, and technology depends on talents.

Our Founder & CEO Steven is concerned about quality and think it is worth to invest quality control for a company. We have an independent inspetcion laboratory and equipped with qualified people. Therefore, NICE Rapid investment in employees and rigorous training programs are well mantained.  And every aspect of training and quality processing is kept up-to-date. This requires passion, teamwork and unflagging determination, and setting and surpassing ever more rigorous standards.

We always adhere to the principle of quality first and provide high-quality & satisfactory service. Customer satisfaction is our eternal purpose. Provide first-class service to make customers completely satisfied.

Therefore, how to ensure the quality of product? It contains following points:


* Before starting production, project engineer will carefully check all these details of product to ensure that the technical parameters of products are accurate.

* During production period, the routing inspection and random inspections are required by quality control department, in order to monitor the quality of each products. Once we found the unqualified products, the production will be paused for seeking problems. Only the problem has been solved then we will continue to produce.

* For these products that have been manufactured, 100% inspected is required.

On the one hand, we have professional inspection equipment. According to different testing requirements, we can conduct all-round testing of products, and then provide FAI(First-Article Inspection) reports to customers;

On the other hand, we have cultivated a group of outstanding talents. We require quality inspection personnel to strictly implement our quality standards, and strive to carefully test each product, and serve our customers with high-quality products.

List of Quality inspection Machines

List of Post Treatment Process Machines


NICE Rapid Team


The success and development of a company, depends on the sincere dedication of all team. NICE Rapid is a very big family with loving and warm, our staffs are also like our family. 


As a excellent team, the most important core is to have cohesion. Cohesion is the strength and unity gives birth to hope. NICE Rapid is concerned about cultivating the cooperation spirit of employees. Every year we will organize team building activities, in order to strength the creativity and cohesion, which promoting our company to a new level.


We believe that a excellent team will provide you with high quality services and solutions. If you would like to work with us for LSR projects, we love to service you any time!

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