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Silicone Baby Products

The core element of silicone baby products is their safety. High-quality baby products must be made of safe and environmentally friendly raw materials, non-toxic, tasteless, and harmless to the human body. We believe that all mothers hope to use high-quality baby products for their babies.

Nice Rapid is the professional silicone baby products manufacturer, and our silicone baby products are made of food-grade high-quality silicone materials, which are safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless, giving babies a sense of security, and giving mothers a sense of peace of mind. At the same time, silicone products are durable, not easy to stick to oil, and easy to clean. And silicone products are soft and skin-friendly, and the shape is simulated, which shortens the distance with the baby.

Silicone baby products including silicone baby bottles, spoons, pacifier teats, etc. And it has become the main essential daily necessity for modern babies. First of all, the raw material of silicone products is called the national environmental protection standard certified material in daily necessities, so the products produced by the material will be more influential than other plastic products. Since the silicone does not react with any substance or liquid, it guarantees stability and safety performance.

The production process of silicone baby products is special. It is molded at a high temperature of about 190℃ by high-temperature compression molding, so it will not be aging for long-term use under high and normal temperatures. Nice Rapid silicone baby products manufacturer provides customized services from compression molds to products according to customers' drawings&designs. The color, size, and shape all can be customized by the customer’s requirements. More important, we are glad to provide prototypes to do verification before going into mass production.

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