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Can Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Replace Traditional Silicone Molding Industry?

Can Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Replace Traditional Silicone Molding Industry?


The use of silicone in the market because it will not release a degree of substance and soft and comfortable touch, can withstand high and low temperature (-40~230) good physical and chemical properties and is widely used, few other polymers can match it.

Silicone can be divided into solid and liquid, the former processing method by hot pressure transfer, the latter raw materials are mainly injection molding, liquid in equipment investment and raw material costs although high, but from its production speed, low degree of processing and less waste and other factors to observe, the use of liquid silica gel injection molding, in the pursuit of accuracy, speed, The automated injection molding industry must be the future trend.

Injection molding liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is one of the add molding liquid silicone rubber, it uses its own low viscosity (before vulcanization of liquidity, not finalize the design), easy to use measuring feeding the characteristics of the mixing equipment, using special injection molding equipment and part precise automatic feeder, mixing, injection molding, then fast curing and molding products.

Injection molding process has gradually replaced the traditional molding process, with many advantages:

1.Using liquid injection molding process vulcanization molding, accurate measurement, less material waste;

2.Low curing temperature, short molding cycle, reduce production cost; High precision products, can process complex shape products;

3.No by-products in the vulcanization process, no need for two-stage vulcanization;

4. products have excellent aging resistance, weather resistance, non-toxicity, high transparency, high mechanical strength, good elasticity and other characteristics.

Therefore, liquid injection molding silicone rubber in daily rubber products such as baby products, daily products, electrical insulation materials processing, cabinet accessories manufacturing and other fields become the preferred material, is one of the fastest developing products in silicone rubber.


With the wide application of liquid silicone rubber and the improvement of product requirements, more and more people have recognized and used this technology to produce silicone rubber products, ushered in a new era of high efficiency, high quality and low cost production of silicone rubber processing industry. With the continuous expansion of the application range of injection molding technology, it is expected to be more competitive in replacing the traditional elastomer products.

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